Challenge yourself to discover a new world and marvel at it. At Chok’s Scuba Dive Center we will provide you with a wetsuit, fins, mask and the necessary equipment for diving or snorkeling, our instructors and dive master will teach you the main basics to make your experience the best and enjoy the different tour options we have for you.

Kicker Rock Tour

Departure 8:00 am
Return 4:00 pm

Tour time: 8 hours approx.

Also known as Kicker Rock, it is a rock formation of volcanic tuff that has a height of 144 m. The journey to Kicker Rock has an approximate duration of 7 hours from the moment you board the ship until the return to the pier. The tour consists on diving or snorkeling in Kicker Rock and the visit to a beach, which depends on the assignment of the boat, they could be: Manglecito beach / Cerro Brujo beach or Puerto Grande beach.

If you take the option of diving, during this wonderful underwater tour you can observe all kinds of marine fauna such as sea turtles, eagle ray, manta ray, marbled ray, stingray spine ray, schools of hammerhead shark, Galapagos shark, whitetip and blacktip Sharp, green moray, trumpet fish, ballonfish, reef fish cleaning stations, cardinal, blenny, harlequin wrasse, mexican wrasse, parrotfish, among other species.

Tour time: 4 hours approx.

This tour is the best option for adventurers who want to discover the incredible underwater world through a first dive experience. During this Discover our first stop is Darwin Bay (Tijeretas Hill), here our expert guide will carry out a checkdive and you will have a diving instruction to make the first dive of 30 to 45 min approx, here you can observe different species of reef fish, turtles and sea lions. 

We head back to the surface to take an interval of 45 min where you can enjoy a snack and hydration. Then we will go to the point called Caragua to make the second immersion to a depth of 15 m, here we will travel the structure of a shipwreck of the years 1900, that is currently collapsed but you can see the propelas, the castle of command, several benthic species and reef fish.

Darwin Bay (Tijeretas) + Shipwreck Caragua

Departure 9:00 am
Return 01:00 pm

360° Tour

Departure 7:30 am
Return 4:30 pm

Tour time: 4 hours approx.

During this tour we will visit the most interesting tourist spots around the island, where you can swim and visualize species of shark, rays and sea turtles by snorkeling in Kicker Rock and Bahía Rosa Blanca, we will be able to relax and take a rest in the beaches of Cerro Brujo, Bahía Sardina and Punta Pitt, in addition you will be able to enjoy the experience of the demonstrative fishing that will become the ideal complement for the tour.

Tour time: 4 hours approx.

In this tour passengers are transported to Isla Lobos which is located around one hour from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Once there we find a trail of 850 meters where we will make a walk for around one hour, during this trekking you can see a small population of blue-footed boobies and common frigates that nest on this site.
Finally we visit Ochoa beach where we can snorkel as it is common the presence of sea lions, skillet rays and sea turtles.

Bay Tour

Morning from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm
Afternoon from 1:00 pm to 5:50 pm

Española Island

Departure 7:00 am
Return 5:00 pm

Tour time: 10 hours approx. (Full Day)

The tour starts with a 2 hour transport time from Puerto Baquerizo, the landing area and our first stop is Punta Suárez from this point we will make a 2 hour walk, that is ideal to observe the colonies of Galapagos marine birds since here you can find nesting sites of Blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies and Albatross that nest only once a year.

After the walk we return to the boat and sail to the islet Gardner where we can do the snorkeling activity while the diving activity takes place on the Gardner bass, to end the tour and after enjoying the water activities we go back to the boat where a box lunch will be served to continue with the return to San Cristobal.

Tour time: 6 hours approx.

Punta Pitt is located at the eastern end of San Cristobal Island. The tour begins on a beach of approximately 90 meters and a trail that ascends to the top of a volcanic tuff hill passing through several natural viewpoints. The total length of the trail is 1,400 metres and the estimated travel time is two and a half hours.

This is the only place in the Galapagos Islands, where you can observe the three species of boobies and the two species of frigates nesting in the same area. This is due to the geographic location of Punta Pitt; as it has enough food so there is no competition between them. Blue-footed boobies nest inside (rarely on cliffs), red-footed boobies nest on bushes and masked boobies nest on cliffs. Another additional attraction is the presence of sea lions.

After the walk we will be able to snorkel in the islet Pitt, while the passengers who make diving will go to the bottom of the islet. After enjoying the water activities we go back to the boat where a box lunch will be served to continue with the return to San Cristobal.

Punta Pitt Tour

Departure 7:30 am
Return 16:00 pm